Hard Money Loans & Lenders - California

Hard Money Loans & Lenders – California

The Norris Group has supplied countless hard cash loans for Main Street property investors each month. No bait and switch, terrific service, fast closings, and the program at the time in the markets. We give non-owner busy, company purpose hard cash loans for mostly single-family houses (1-4 units) around California and Florida for reverse, rentals and new building. Dwelling units are even funded by us! Are you a seasoned expert? Ask us about our expert reduction on our apps that are the reverse. A rental buy program is available. Funds management demanded, roughly 1 percent of building costs. 0.4% extra interest if an investor isn’t chosen in for immediate deposit. LTV/ARV and points are subject. All loan applications.

The Norris Group’s loan applications are designed to produce the procedure for investment financing fast and effortless. In actuality, our loan process empowers our customers to shut their buys in no more than 5 business days! We operate with residential construction jobs , short sales, real estate auctions, trustee sales, trustee sale refinances party, and even investors buying REOs. We’re a group of people keen on supplying a chance to close on properties fast to investors in the state of California moneylender singapore. Our dedication to our clinic is evident from the over twenty years.

Hard Money Loans & Lenders - California

Our group of professionals will be always both ready to close a deal and well prepared to deliver excellent service. 350 million bucks led to tens of thousands of dollars profit for their own clientele. From startup investors that want to get to the investors who invest many times per year into the real estate market, we have the capacity along with the tools to fulfill your wants. The Norris Group knows the window of opportunity which exists at a fantastic investment. That’s why our staff works hard to shake out. Our procedure is fast, reassuring, and enlightening from begin to finish. The Norris Group concentrates on its own specialization, and that’s hard cash loans.